Cuba Fun Facts

I have decided to include here some fun facts about Cuba; some interesting information on Cuba that you might want to know before you travel to Cuba on vacations.

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If, when you travel to Cuba, you feel there is something we are missing let us know and we will be happy to include it here.

Did you know that…?

  • Cuba is also called El Caiman (Alligator) because of its shape.
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  • Havana City, Cienfuegos and Trinidad (Cuba) were declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO.
  • Cuba is the most populated country in the Caribbean.
  • More than 4,000 islands and cays are part of Cuba.
  • When Christopher Columbus arrived to Cuba in 1492 he thought he was in India
  • The Manjuarí, a pre-historical fish is now only found in Cuba (it has disappeared from the rest of the planet.) .
  • Cuba is the 16th-largest island in the world by land area.
  • Santiago de Cuba used to be the capital of Cuba.
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  • “Asere” is a word widely used in Cuba, especially among men to address a friend.
  • “Palestinos” (Palestinians) is the way people from Havana call people from the east of the island that have moved to Havana.
  • “Jinetera” (tout) is a woman who looks for tourists to seduce them and in exchange get some benefits (money, stuff and sometimes a ticket somewhere else), the male term “jinetero” is used for guys on the street who try to sell tourists anything they might want, no matter if it is cigars, rum or a woman.